A Nude Cruise Brought Us Closer Together

A lovely couple on the caribean sea.

“Public nudity, even in the relative safety of an enclosed resort, was a line too far”

“She still wasn’t convinced. I showed her pictures of the ship. Read her a description of the unique public library on Grand Cayman. Discussed the vegetarian menu available on the cruise. I bought her a couple of sarongs and she agreed to come along, if only to see me naked with a bunch of naked people. That idea seemed to really amuse her”

“Once at sea, and once she got over the shock of seeing so much uncovered flesh on parade, she began to relax. She even took a few tentative sorties around the ship without clothes figuring that if she went on the nude cruise and didn’t at least try being nude then she was letting herself down. Incrementally, she became acclimated to the “anti-textile” lifestyle, helping me strike up conversations with couples who would’ve been put off by an inquisitive single man, and by the end of the cruise she’d become comfortable enough to participate in a nude 5K around the deck of the ship to raise money for breast cancer research”

“We didn’t have to be naked on the balcony of our stateroom at night, drinking wine and watching the coast of Cuba in the distance, but we were. We were sharing the experience. The challenge of a nude cruise, overcoming our personal fears, had brought us even closer”

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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