AKK-Birkenheide, Berlin


AKK is short for Allgemeine Körperkultur which means general psychical culture in English.

Freedom, responsibility and health is the motto of the club and everyone who feels connected to free-body culture and nature, and all who love family and broad sport, can become a member of the association, or as a guest of the day or holidaymakers use the association grounds and be involved in the sports calendars open events.

The association has about 12ha, a beautiful forest and heathland at the lake Motzen. A 775 meter long sandy bank strip and several other smaller bathing areas. Holidaymakers can bring caravans or tents.

During the season sports competitions take place almost every weekend, such as club championships in fistball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, bowling and badminton. There are four volleyball courts (one for beach volleyball), three badminton courts, a football pitch, several table tennis courts, two bowling alleys, various athletics facilities and a pétanquep court for both family and family sports. Sports equipment can be rented free of charge. The current sporting events of the coming days can be found in the online calendar and they welcome anyone to come along and take part.

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