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getting cytotec without doctor Photo: Sea Of Hull by Spencer Tunick  – Now on show at cytotec sale no prescription Hull Ferens Art gallery

Arts and Museums along the route, in and around the destinations on the expedition. This is being added last and will grow a lot more over the next few months.

The table has more details with website addresses and dates.

Nude Live Sydney Festival, Sydney, Australia07/01/2017
Naturist Foundation Life Drawing Classes, Kent, UK15/01/2017
Arles Festival, Arles, France (Festival of Nude Photography)05/05/2017
Fête de l'Art de Vivre Nu, Héliomonde, France03/06/2017
Avignon Arts Festival, Avignon, France06/07/2017
Brocantes, Arnaoutchot, France13/07/2017
Ann Arbour Art Fair, Michigan, USA 20/07/2017
Naked State 2017 - An Art Residency exploring the Nude Human Body, Bare Oaks, Canada21/07/2017
Brocantes, Arnaoutchot, France03/08/2017
SKIN, Hull Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UKSat 22/04/2017
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