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Photo: Sea Of Hull by Spencer Tunick  – Now on show at Hull Ferens Art gallery

Arts and Museums along the route, in and around the destinations on the expedition. This is being added last and will grow a lot more over the next few months.

The table has more details with website addresses and dates.

Nude Live Sydney Festival, Sydney, Australia07/01/2017
Naturist Foundation Life Drawing Classes, Kent, UK15/01/2017
Arles Festival, Arles, France (Festival of Nude Photography)05/05/2017
Fête de l'Art de Vivre Nu, Héliomonde, France03/06/2017
Avignon Arts Festival, Avignon, France06/07/2017
Brocantes, Arnaoutchot, France13/07/2017
Ann Arbour Art Fair, Michigan, USA 20/07/2017
Naked State 2017 - An Art Residency exploring the Nude Human Body, Bare Oaks, Canada21/07/2017
Brocantes, Arnaoutchot, France03/08/2017
SKIN, Hull Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UKSat 22/04/2017
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