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“Seeing the flaws in others reassures us that we’re all the same and none of us is perfect”.

“Wearers of pinstripe suits and shell suits are as one in their birthday suits. Egos are left in the locker”

On British Naturism’s annual Great British Skinny Dip:

“The event illustrates that naturism can be a great leveller. As Helen Mirren says: “I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly people, beautiful people, old people. It’s so un-sexual and so liberating.” I believe nudity can also be a cathartic boost to creativity. Churchill often dictated letters in a state of undress and Enid Blyton enjoyed tennis unfettered by clothing. Kate Humble too extols this “eccentric” way of getting closer to nature: “There’s something joyous about it, and I urge everyone to try it.”

A lovely interactive map with a few highlights from around the world:

Including; French holiday resorts, British beaches, Austrian Ski Runs, World Naked Bike Rides, Naked Running Races, Croatian Resorts and other Naked sport events in Australasia.


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