Body Painting


There is an events map for Body Painting at the bottom of the page, they seem to be growing in numbers and popularity every year so hopefully one will be near you soon!

The World Body Painting Festival

The Festival website has a lot of information for anyone who wants to go and watch or compete, they have event in a lot of countries around Europe.

Human Connection Arts

Andy Golub is an artist from New York who over recent years has pioneered naked street body painting in the USA.  Last year the events spread to Europe and took place in Brussells and Amsterdam.  For 2017 Andy has started a non profit organisation Human Connection Arts and there will be August events in Berlin, Ansterdam and Paris.

There is talk about one happening in London soon so hopefully there will be one on the calendar in 2018!

This is a list of the locations, websites and dates

Body Painting Festival - Beauty Contest Expo, Castione, SwitzerlandSat 14/01/2017
Body Painting Festival - Swiss Beauty Expo, Lugano, SwitzerlandSat 21/01/2017
Body Painting Festival - WBP Head Office, Fesach, AustriaSun 05/02/2017
Body Painting Festival - Beauty "Nevskie Berega", RussiaThu 23/02/2017
Body Painting Festival - French Body Painting Awards, Paris, FranceSat 01/04/2017
Body Painting Festival - Body Art Serbia, Beograd. SerbiaSat 08/04/2017
Body Painting Trophy, Leipzig, GermanySat 22/04/2017
NYC Bodypainting Day, New York, USASun 09/07/2017
Titisee Bodypainting Festival Black Forrest, Titisee-Neustadt, GermanySat 22/07/2017
World Body Painting Festival, AustriaMon 24/07/2017
Amsterdam Body Painting DaySat 12/08/2017
Berlin Body Painting DaySat 19/08/2017
Paris Body Painting DaySat 26/08/2017
Brussels Body Painting Day, BrusselsSun 27/08/2017
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