Splashdown, Brussels, Germany & Prague


The trip officially started on Saturday morning with a ride from London to Poole for the British Naturism Splashdown Water Park event. It was great to meet more people I’ve spoken to online for the first time in person! (Hi Judith, Simon, and Mark!)

The Aqua Park was fun and I’d really recommend naked water park events to everyone, the lifeguards I spoke to said they liked working at the event and that they could appreciate the benefits of social nudity.

They appear in the British Naturism calendar across the country, Blackpool Sandcastle Water Park was in March, Stoke on Trent Waterworld in April, and Alton Towers weekend has the Cariba Creek Waterpark in November too.

On Sunday morning it was time to travel to Brussels by Eurostar, the fare was only £25 when booked with Eurostar Snap, it only takes 2 hours to arrive and anyone can use it to take advantage of their last spare seats which can be booked individually or for groups.

Brussels was a beautiful city, in a few hours I managed to see a lot of sights, try the chocolate, the beer, and the waffles before returning for the night at a cosy AirBNB near the European Parliament.


Monday morning headed off to catch the Deutsche Bahn service to Prague. Brussels to Frankfurt was fine but damaged track delays meant a diversion to Stuttgart, followed by further connection attempts to Leipzig but we missed the last train so they paid for a nice room in Dresden with Pullman hotels.

If you want to carry a full size 700c road bike across Germany by train you need a bike bag on most trains and for space in the carriage you need to be in first class or it won’t fit in the storage compartments. If you want to sit next to the bag book the seat where the forward and rear facing seats back onto each other and there is a very wide space for luggage between them.

To get long distance first class on the trains through Germany at a much cheaper rate try booking the ticket through the Czech ČD eShop from Belgium as your departure station, and have Prague as your destination and adjust the ‘via’ settings. I paid about CZK 1,100 (£35), it looks like the prices are maintained at about that rate even within only a week of booking but up to 3x higher through all of the other platforms.

For lots of ideas and travel information take a look at ‘The Man in Seat 61’ website.

Tuesday arrived in Prague a day late at a time too late to set off to Camping Klokočov but that is where I am headed, next update from there and the central bohemian region!

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