Camping de La Plage des Templiers


Camping de La Plage des Templiers is in the Ardèche region in south central France. A beautiful beach-campsite with a lodge and area for camping. It is situated by the river on a shaded slope in the heart of the canyon. The location is very secluded and even has a cable car to take luggage from the car parking area down the valley.

The whole area is part of the protected nature reserve of the Gorges of Ardèche;
now for the fourth year, in partnership with the Office of Management of the Gorges of Ardèche, naturist hiking is organised followed by video conferences on the biodiversity realised with guards and organizers of the reserve.

In the discovery of the flora and fauna, via the history, the geologic evolution of the creation of the canyon, these animations allow to become known better remarkable points of view or present endemic species in the Gorges of Ardèche.

These events can be found in the news feed for 2017 with other options to take a two day naturist kayak trip along the river.

Camping options available range from larger luxury glamping to simple pitches to use your own tent. The cost of the glamping is really well priced and definitely worth taking a look at  on the rates page.

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Photo is from French Government website for UK tourists – Frequently Asked Questions about Naturism


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