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Forget Your Prejudices: Naturism is the new trend for this summer

Walking around naked in peace seems to be the new dada of the lifestyle healthy. Naturism has not always enjoyed a great reputation. We can all probably remember those memories, but false modesty stored in the closet, it’s time to lighten up a bit and consider the practice with a little more seriousness. Here’s the evidence!

A public naturist park is coming to Paris

If walking naked in the streets of Paris remains a dream that we have little chance to see come true, a proposal passed last September could grant it. Validated by the Council of Paris, it could give life to the idea of naturist parks for the city. The bois de Vincennes and the bois de Boulogne are being considered. (photo: Englische Garten, Munich)

A restaurant where you can eat naked

This concept was first tested in London, by the Bunyadi, a restaurant where the inhabitants of the capital demanded minimalism and simplicity. The business was a huge success, with more than 50,000 customers on the waiting list before opening. The Bunyadi opened a restaurant which has been growing in paris since September and will re-open in London in summer.

A concert for naturists

For those who can’t remember, we all have visions from media of bodies naked and the sublime atmosphere of the Woodstock Festival in 69, so when we celebrate the history we expect that such a festival will allow us to emulate our elders. Well, our prayers have been heard and can be achieved on July 12, on the occasion of the Summer of Love 50, which will give the first naturist outdoor concert. The Cavern Beatles will resume for the occasion the standards of the British group in the arenas of Cap d’Agde. Oh yes! Thousands of people will be there, and you should be too!

Come on, throw off those clothes – get into mode naturism this summer. At poooooil!

This is an english translation from the original article written by Melty Fashion

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