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Thats the official global WNBR logo.. and there are loads of cycling and World Naked Bike Ride events around the world for people to take part in.

The World Naked Bike Ride Wiki has a list of links and dates although many are out of date currently.  I am part of the London WNBR team (they agreed to have me!) Anyone in London who might want to take part, it is on 10th June setting off from 6 destinations.

This is a map and each of the 53 links has their Facebook page listed so you can sign up for the event.

A few interesting facts (and a few photos right at the bottom of the page for inspiration!)

  • WNBR Portland has the most people attending every year, sometimes more than 10,000 people take part.
  • WNBR Seattle has more than six naked bike rides a year.
  • WNBR Cork in Ireland often have their ride celebrated in conjunction with the local town hall, have some really fancy body painting and meet the mayor for photos after the event.
  • WNBR Brighton finishes at the sea and has a swim and after parties for people to attend.


This is a table of the places, links and dates, these are all confirmed for 2017 by checking the Facebook profiles of each location has a future event or a website with a banner saying 2017.

WNBR, Brighton, UKSun 11/06/2017
WNBR, Bristol, UKSun 04/06/2017
WNBR, Cambridge, UKSat 17/06/2017
WNBR, Canterbury, UKSat 27/05/2017
WNBR, Cardiff, UKSat 17/06/2017
WNBR, Chelmsford, UKSat 24/06/2017
WNBR, Clacton, UKSat 15/07/2017
WNBR, Colchester, UKSat 08/07/2017
WNBR, Edinburgh, UKSun 18/06/2017
WNBR, Exeter, UKSat 24/06/2017
WNBR, Folkstone, UKSat 01/07/2017
WNBR, London, UKSat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Manchester , UKFri 09/06/2017
WNBR, Newcastle, UKSat 15/07/2017
WNBR, Portsmouth, UKSun 09/07/2017
WNBR, Scarborough, UKSun 16/07/2017
WNBR, Southampton, UKUnconfirmed
WNBR, Worthing, UKSun 02/07/2017
WNBR, York, UKSun 25/06/2017
WNBR, Cork, IrelandUnconfirmed
WNBR, Madrid, SpainSat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Barcleona, SpainUnconfirmed
WNBR, Cape Town, South AfricaSat 11/03/2017
WNBR, Lisbon, PortugalUnconfirmed
WNBR, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsSat 01/07/2017
WNBR, Ensenada, MexicoUnconfirmed
WNBR, Mexico City, MexicoSat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Torin, ItalyUnconfirmed
WNBR, Thessaloniki, GreeceFri 05/05/2017
WNBR, Leipzig, GermanySat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Helsinki, FinlandUnconfirmed
WNBR, Copenhagen, Denmark
WNBR, Toronto, CanadaUnconfirmed
WNBR, Vancouver, CanadaUnconfirmed
WNBR, Rio, BrazilSat 11/03/2017
WNBR, Såo Paulo, Brazil11/03/2017
WNBR, Florianopolis, BrazilSat 11/03/2017
WNBR, Brussels, BelgiumSat 17/06/2017
WNBR, Byron Bay, AustraliaSun 12/03/2017
WNBR, Malbourne, AustraliaSun 19/03/2017
WNBR, Sydney, Australia23/04/2017
WNBR, Nimbin, AustraliaSat 11/03/2017
WNBR, Chicago, USASat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Boston, USASat 22/07/2017
WNBR, New York, USAUnconfirmed
WNBR, Philadelphia, USASun 09/07/2017
WNBR, Houston, USASat 17/06/2017
WNBR, New Orleans, USASat 10/06/2017
WNBR, Las Vegas, USAUnconfirmed
WNBR, St Louis, USASat 15/07/2017
WNBR, Los Angeles, USASun 04/06/2017
WNBR, Portland, USASat 24/06/2017
WNBR, San Francisco, USASat 22/04/2017
WNBR, Seattle, USAUnconfirmed



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