Familien-Sport-Verein Adolf Koch


The Familien-Sport-Verein Adolf Koch club goes back to the work of Adolf Koch, who has been giving nude sports naked since 1919.

They are one of five clubs in Berlin who offer FKK and naked sports and events, mostly at community and school locations on evenings and weekends.

Swimming, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Workout, Gymnastics, Table Tennis and Volleyball are most popular but Badminton and Football is also offered.









These are all things which are becoming more popular in the UK and USA based on the media and clubs advertising online and through social media such as Willow who runs Naked in Motion in New York, and Naturist London where you can participate in Naked Fitness classes.

I think the naked leisure lifestyle is something really positive. Goldsmiths research is starting to provide positive research on this in the UK and although it may not be easy for many people to perceive the benefits, having experienced it myself, I think prohibition, over regulation and shaming of non sexual nudity could be a major contributing factor toward peoples negative perception of their own body image that these kind of activities help improve.

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