Going Naked in Public Is A Joyful Release For Mind & Body


“Joy, community and release: human essentials”

“The dynamics of the acceptance or rejection of human bodies, either naked or clothed, rely on many factors and are culturally determined. The human body, as the physical essence of humanity, is at the core of the controversy. (I am not even going to approach the issue of sex. Not least because there is no sexual element in Tunick’s installations at all, but also because the complexities of human sexuality have already been masterly summarised by Patrick Clarkin in his fascinating series Humans are (Blank)-ogamous).”

“Ultimately, the struggle is with ourselves: will we be brave enough to bare it all? Once nude, the feeling of joy is indescribable. From a purely physiological point of view, our “hormones of happiness” – endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – will be unleashed, with knock-on effects on the body, including boosting the immune system


These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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