Golf, Archery, Darts & Indiaca


I’ve compiled this section into four with two maps. I’ll come back to explain more soon and be adding to the lists so please check back!

I think Naked Golf could be really popular given a chance, maybe one or two events a year, it’s quite easy to see the appeal and there is one taking place this week in Australia. The Wandering Bares Cup on 26th and 27th April in NSW

Darts is red, Indiaca is blue and Golf is free in the first map.


And this is a list of the tournaments if you want to take part. I think there are some Bowling tournaments in there too (there are quite a few bowling alleys across the clubs and resorts too).

Cypress Cove Annual Nude Bowling, Florida, USA15/01/2017
Bowling Nu In Paris, Paris Bowling Alley, France07/02/2017
Nude Bowling , Paris, France (l’Association des Naturistes de Paris)07/02/2017
Darts Tournament, FSG Osnabrück, Germany18/02/2017
Wandering Bares Golf Cup, Proston Golf Club, Queensland, Australia26/04/2017
Darts Matches, Lichtbund Niederrhein eV Duisburg, Germany28/04/2017
Darts Tournament, Familiensport-Naturistenbundes Hameln e.V., Germany13/05/2017
Indiaca DFK Championship, Orplid Darmstadt, Germany19/05/2017
Archery Tournament, FSG Osnabrück, Germany20/05/2017
Darts Open Tournament, Familiensport- und FKK - Bund Waldteichfreunde Moritzburg e.V, Germany25/05/2017
Indiaca DFK Championship (Beach), HSN Hamburg, Germany26/05/2017
Indiaca DFK Championship, Lichtbund Karlsruhe e.V., Germany27/05/2017
Indiaca Regional Tournament, Freie Sportgemeinschaft Amperland eV, Germany03/06/2017
Indiaca Championship, Freie Sportgemeinschaft Amperland e. V., Germany03/06/2017
Archery Tournament, Naturisten-Familiensportbund SSF Stuttgart e.V., Germany10/06/2017
Bowling À Ozoir-La-Ferrière, Association Naturiste Régionale Ile-De-France, France15/06/2017
Indiaca Mixed Tournament, Lichtbund Karlsruhe, Germany30/06/2017
Indiaca Grind Tournament, Lichtbund Karlsruhe, Germany01/07/2017
Archery Tournament, Familien-Sport-Gemeinschaft Allgäu e.V., Germany15/07/2017
Bowling 10 Pin, Allgemeine Körperkultur Birkenheide e.V. , Germany22/07/2017
Indiaca Championship, Sportbund Sonnland e.V. Freiburg, Germany29/07/2017
Archery Tournament, Familiensport-Naturistenbundes Hameln e.V., Germany04/08/2017
Indiaca Tournament, Natur- und Sportfreunde e.V. Aachen, Germany12/08/2017
Bowling 10 Pin, Allgemeine Körperkultur Birkenheide e.V. , Germany13/08/2017
Indiaca DFK Final Tournament, HSN Hamburg, Germany25/08/2017
Archery In Creil, Club du Soleil de Creil, France27/08/2017
Indiaca Tournament, NBK Mannheim, Germany08/09/2017
Archery Championship, FSG Bielefeld, Germany16/09/2017
Darts Championship, Lichtbund Niederrhein eV Duisburg, Germany22/09/2017
Darts Tournament, Familiensport-Naturistenbundes Hameln e.V., Germany30/09/2017
Christmas Darts Tournament, Lichtbund Niederrhein eV Duisburg, Germany09/12/2017
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