I Got Nude With 150 Others At the Art Gallery, Its Something I’ll Never Forget


“We’re getting ready to see Nude Live, a delicious mix of art and modern dance, as part of Sydney Festival. This evening’s performance of Nude Live is a little different, however. Like the six SDC performers who will dance naked, we – the audience – will be naked, too”

“I’m surprised at just how quickly the nerves disappear – how comfortable and relaxed the group has become as we seek out the dancers and view the artwork”

“Otherwise we are so self-conscious and so focused on hiding certain bits of our bodies”

“A collective sense of disappointment that we have to put our clothes back on”

“We managed to make something really human and really powerful,” Rafael says of Nude Live. He also hopes they’ve managed to break a few barriers when it comes to letting go of our “hang-ups” around nudity”

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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