LFK Berlin–Brandenburg


LFK Berlin–Brandenburg is one of 8 regional associations that brings together 9 local clubs, some offer camping, although in the region there are fewer clubs with property but many still offer activities in the same way as Adolf Koch.

The regional associations organise many sporting activities across a busy calendar for local people to get involved in and it brings the clubs together for competitions. Many of the sports include naked activities but the clubs also often come together with non naturist clubs in the area to compete and have very strong club runners, cyclists and swimmers.

LFK is short for Landesverbandes Freikörperkultur Berlin–Brandenburg which means Association of Free Body Culture which makes me compare the dis-benefits of lesser freedom of social nudity options and where shame sometimes exists to a greater extent sometimes institutionally.

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The badges below are a few from the clubs in the area.




The main photo is taken from the Daily Mail article, the journalist was likely to have been competing with some swimmers from LFK Berlin–Brandenburg.

“Anyone for breast stroke? Our writer loses her body hang-ups to compete in the naturist Olympics”


A quote from the article:

“I’m naked! I feel exceedingly pleased with myself. My body feels like a suit of armour – my skin is doing the job my clothes used to do. And my body hang-ups have gone.

In bikinis, I’m forever sucking in my stomach and rearranging my breasts, but naked, there’s nothing to rearrange”

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