“My Body My Choice”, Four Artists Celebrate Triumphant Feminine Nudity


Full Translation from French:

My Body My Choice “: the slogan brought together millions of women in the United States to retain their rights against the aggressive presidency of Donald Trump. Four young French artists take up this cry to make it a celebration of naked female bodies.

If you are in Paris, or more precisely at 83 rue de Turenne, we can not recommend you better than to take a look at the exhibition space “Le Cœur”. From the 8th (theme day) to the 25th of March 2017, Le Coeur Paris continues its commitment and is joining the feminist podcast “La Poudre”, co-curator of the exhibition, to present the work of three young women who photograph Female bodies in exalted positivism.

Maroussia Rebecq is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, an artist, she is also a fashion designer and a business manager. Co-founder of the project-space Le Coeur, she staged with humor and malice her naked body in outdoors places, between provocation and naturism, in a series of self-portraits baptized “I, Maroussia naked”.

Alice Moitié is a French photographer and videographer whom NEON (and NEON.de) has already had the chance to publish in her pages. Even more than naked, his models communicate the freedom to be freed from aesthetic and sexual stereotypes.

Sonia Sief exposes five portraits taken from her book “Les Françaises”, a series of naked women, reappropriating a photographic gesture historically monopolized by men.

Estelle Hanania presents a unique work, between allegory of the origin of the world, tribute to Lucio Fontana and culture bdsm with this magnificent red latex hair glove

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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