Niedersächsischer Verband für Familiensport (NFK)


The Niedersächsischer Verband für Familiensport und Freikörperkultur translated to English means the Lower Saxony Association for Family Sports and Free-body Culture.

The association is made up of 21 clubs, many featuring camping and a huge range of sporting facilities, from swimming through to moto-cross bike riding.

There are hundreds of competitive events, not only the ones at the link but in the calendars of the clubs linked to on the interactive map across the region. All of the clubs offering naked activities but also taking part in non naturist activities locally, nationally and even internationally as with the Annual Naturist Swimming Gala which this year for a second time will be held at the Adler Hotel, Andalo in Italy.

Germany offers a Deutsche Sportabzeichen, a sports badge for people of all ages to take part in achieving excellence in certain activities and many of the clubs offer this and are accredited.

Clubs across Germany as with France are densely populated and include many sports training options, including running, cycling, swimming in open water, at lidos, and indoor, pétanque, softball, tennis, badminton, basketball, hiking, nordic walking, football, table tennis, archery, fitness, gymnastics, volleyball, indica and darts.






I’m hoping to visit some of the clubs in the Hannover area and call in at the Naturist Library whilst in the area.

The picture below is of the lake swimming area at the Bund für Familiensport und freie Lebensgestaltung Hannover club. Bund für Familiensport und freie Lebensgestaltung means Association for family sports and free living in English.

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