‘Nobody runs for the hills’: is Britain ready for everyday nudity?


“Being naked is profoundly liberating. It’s not just the physical feeling of the air, sun or sea over your entire body: there’s a psychological release, too. When you shed your clothes, many social pressures also somehow fall away”

A 2015 survey by British Naturism, the national society for social nudity, found that practising naturists had higher self-esteem and body confidence.

“The main problem we are up against is that, out there, people see the human body as inherently sexual”

“Would it offend you if there was a naked man over there?” she asks. “Not at all,” says a mother of two young children. “It’s a sad state of affairs that anyone would think my children would be upset by a naked body.”

“There’s a liberating feeling when you’re naked in the fresh air, or skinny-dipping, or jumping in a hot tub. People are realising that’s lovely and exhilarating.”

“It was a surreal experience, almost like a dream. That feeling, that high, the adrenaline, it’s how it must be to take drugs. It didn’t feel like my normal life. It was empowering.”

“It’s growing, especially among younger people and women. We’re challenging the sexualisation of the body, reclaiming our bodies, saying we can do what we want with them.”

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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