Nudist Tourism Needs More Exposure


Some interesting numbers in the article –

Overall, tourism has grown in Florida from about $87 billion in 2011 to about $109 billion in 2016.

According to the AANR report there are:

  • 34 nudist resorts, including eight in Pasco County
  • 30 naturist social clubs
  • 5,100 nudist resort rooms available
  • 2 million nudist room nights sold in 2016
  • 22 million visitor nights
  • Visitors on average stay 10 nights, with a high percentage staying a month or more
  • $4.3 billion a year in direct spending by nudist visitors.

“Pasco County’s website has an online link, “Naked People Vacation Here,” at”

“They recognize that it is very important to our tourism tax here,” said Heather. But, much more could be done to promote nudist tourism”

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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