Nudity Is The Ultimate Test Of Self Acceptance


“Naturists are not the same as exhibitionists – the latter being motivated by titillation, a desire to be seen; whereas the former simply feel inhibited by clothing and in discarding it bring themselves closer to nature”

“To remove one’s clothing, is a physical form of liberation”

“Over time, I began to see how illogical bodily modesty was”

“It’s funny when you shed inhibition. You can no longer remember what it was like to care”

“Nudity enlightens us to the fact that human beings, truly, come in all shapes and sizes, and bodies that adhere to conventional beauty standards are as rare as Jennifer Lawrence”

“The UK is known for its prudishness – blame the Puritans, or Queen Victoria – but across the channel, continental Europe has a more relaxed attitude towards nudity. Even Catholic Spain is less offended by boobs on the beach than Britain. And just try entering a sauna in Austria or Germany wearing clothes”

“Nudity, and nude photos, is the ultimate test of self-acceptance. Do you love yourself enough that you can give it all away? I want to believe my answer is “yes”

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