Paris On Course To Open Its First Nudist Park


Paris‘s town hall has thrown its weight behind a plan to open a park for nudists in the French capital”

France is the world’s leading nudist destination yet to date the closest Paris gets to open-air nudity is the sight of skimpily dressed sun-bathers along the banks of the Seine river and people in swimsuits in some parks in summer”

“Paris municipal council was due to vote on the issue on Monday, but even beforehand, deputy mayor Bruno Julliard said the town hall would back the idea”

“I’m for it and I believe the mayor of Paris is too. So we’re going to do it,” Mr Julliard told BFM TV. Ms Hidalgo has already said she found the idea “really nice”.

“Paris will not be the first European capital to create such a nudist space, said Mr Julliard, other European capitals have done so, very recently Berlin,” he said. Barcelona and Munich also have designated nudist areas”

“This month’s Fête de l’Humanité, a communist music and politics festival, included a designated nudist stand”

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