Cycling Expedition – Progress & Photo Update!


The journey is more than one month in, here are some photos taken along the route.

I will post a lot more photos of myself and with their consent some of the people and groups I’ve met in future articles but I need time to write meaningfully.  Right now I’m often cycling all day and arriving at a resting place in the late afternoon, before leaving the next morning, sometimes there is little or no internet connection or a place to sit and think with a power supply!

There are lots of articles I want to write over the coming weeks and months based on experiences on the expedition, reading and contemplating, some to cover regulation in the UK like the Digital Economy Bill, others objective reviews of some of the sites I’ve been visiting.

So this is a brief photo diary of the expedition so far, from where I started to where I am now, I need to add more detail and highlight which naturist clubs are local to the photos.

Visiting Paris to meet FFN, the journey took me to Saint Malo before heading back to London for the WNBR!

Czech Republic, Starting in Prague and working through toward Vienna

Riding from Vienna, to Graz and through to Klagenfurt before Salzburg

After Travelling through Germany by Train (scheduled to visit later) moved on to Belgium and Luxembourg before France

Riding from Reims through to Bordeaux, Train to Nice and then spent 3 days in the mountains at a retreat in Saorge as a break. From there headed through provence to Manosque where I am now.

For full details of where the photos were taken please read through my social media galleries, tags and descriptions and keep checking back on here for new content!

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