Saunafreunde Berlin


Saunafreunde Berlin Familiensportverein means ‘Sauna Friends Berlin Daily Sports Club’ in English.

The club provides activities for people of all ages in the community, and helps people connect with nature. As a family sporting association they offer of a wide range of sports and the care of children and adolescents is of great importance for us, in addition to the promotion of the free-body culture.

They have a large leisure area with direct access to Heiligensee, and offer all members a base for joint activities.

For those who want to keep fit, they offer the sports badge or for participation in internal or even regional competitions of the associations for free body culture in athletics, swimming, volleyball or pétanque. They host regular running events and hikes, and strength and endurance sessions.

Some quotes from their options on naked sport and time at the club:

“Members who are coming straight through the gate or are on the way home are wearing clothing. Otherwise, in the case of warm weather, a covered or covered stay on the premises is expressly not desired”.

“We see ourselves as a living community that wants to be together beyond the naked water, sauna and sunbathing. We live in sport, during celebrations, hikes and on trips, as well as through special events for groups of interest or interests. It is important to us that we understand ourselves as a community that is more and offers more than an anonymous beach”

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