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Sport und Naturfreunde Witten is based at the edge of the Ardey Mountains, on the outskirts of Witten. The club was founded in around 1931 and evolved from a local private, historically unorganised “free-body culture”.

Nudist-oriented terrain life was at the time in the closer environment only in Selbeck (near Mülheim). To use the site, the “League for Free Living” from Eggestorf in the Lüneburger Heide presented nudism passes.

The grounds are now more than 80,000m2, with a guest meadow for camping and have continually expanded over the years. For people with less understanding of FKK and the history of clubs in Germany the club history page is very interesting.

Witten regularly host weekly swimming, sauna, tennis, table tennis, badminton, petanque, running, cycling and hiking activities. The club has in house tournaments and events for members and is also part of the regional Familien-Sport-Gemeinschaft NW e.V. which has 28 other clubs in the area part of a network of 300+





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This is my world! – A Story about Kirsten joining the club

I read this story about the club and it sounded really nice so I thought I would repost the introduction.

“Kirsten is actually only since 2013 in the club, felt one would say that she is already a very long member. Kirsten is a person who is very integrative. She is friendly and helpful, always has time for the needs of others and not shy to meet nice people. That is why many of the members have grown to their hearts. She is very athletic, loves socializing, and whenever the job and the weather allow, she enjoys the sun and the relaxation on the Liegewiese. In winter the aerobics group and regular saunas are their fitness program. We are very pleased that Kirsten has become aware of the club and has joined us. It is a real win for the SuN Witten”

“In our summer holidays, my husband and I have always been looking for opportunities, even times naked swimming or sun bathing. In the winter we went regularly in sauna and similar leisure baths. With nudity, we never had a problem”

“In the summer of 2013, we considered whether there could be simpler, closer and cheaper ways to enjoy the sun. From his youth, my husband could remember that there would have to be a nudist area in the border area of ​​Witten / Dortmund. My internet searches were sobering. To the keyword “nude” I was led to dozens of naturist clubs, saunaclubs and other red light offers. Here the roof federation (DFK) must have slept well. One could certainly have protected the term “nude” and would not be scorned in this form of disapproval – no matter ..”

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