Naked Swimming seems to be on everyones bucket list right now, the range of options of places to go is definitely in the thousands and my local swim has had to have a one in one out policy when things get busy.

The map shows options in the band of where I am traveling but there are so many more to add in future.

The list has swimming galas where you could take part racing other people. I went to one a few days ago and it was brilliant, the lifeguards all said they thought clothing optional sessions need incorporating into general pool timetables.

Madrid has an official “No Bathing Suit” Day agreed with the mayor for all the public pools and it has been a success, hopefully we will see clothing optional sessions at some Lidos near you soon!

Here is the list of Galas

LFK-Meisterschaft Schwimmen 2017, fin for fun Sportverein e.V., GermanySun 15/01/2017http://www.finforfun.de/termine2.htm
Blackpool British Naturism Swim, Blackpool, UKSat 04/03/2017http://www.bn.org.uk/community/store/product/206-blackpool-sandcastle-swim/
50th Swimming Championships, BffL Volkersheim, GermanySun 05/03/2017http://www.nfk-nds-hb.de
Sydney Nude Harbour Swim, Sydney, AustraliaSun 19/03/2017http://www.thesydneyskinny.com.au/about/sydney-skinny-ocean-swim-event.htm
Aquatic Park In Belgium, Aquaparc à Gand en Belgique, FranceSat 25/03/2017http://lorrainenature.free.fr/Calendrier.htm
Swimming Gala, Sonnlandbund Regensburg, GermanySat 01/04/2017http://www.bnv-verband.de/
British Naturism - Swim Gala, LeicesterSat 22/04/2017http://www.bn.org.uk/activities/bigdaysout/
British Naturism - Waterworld, Stoke on TrentSat 22/04/2017http://www.bn.org.uk/activities/bigdaysout/
Swimming Championships in Trebur, Naturistenbund Rhein-Main, GermanyFri 16/06/2017https://fsb-erftland-ville.de/termine
Regional Swimming Championships 2017, NB Rhein-Main, GermanySat 17/06/2017http://www.saunafreunde-berlin.de/kalender/
British Naturism - Splashdown Water Park, PooleSat 24/06/2017http://www.bn.org.uk/activities/bigdaysout/
The Big Float Swim - Oregon (Non Nude on River), Oregon, USASat 08/07/2017http://www.thebigfloat.com
Day of Sports & Fun, Club du Soleil de L'Essonne / Les Bois de Valence, FranceSun 16/07/2017http://lorrainenature.free.fr/Calendrier.htm
AquaLand Agde, Centre naturiste René Oltra, FranceSat 22/07/2017http://www.centrenaturiste-oltra.fr/en/evenements-2017.html
AquaLand Agde, Centre naturiste René Oltra, FranceSat 05/08/2017http://www.centrenaturiste-oltra.fr/en/evenements-2017.html
Long Distance Swimming Open Water, Allgemeine Körperkultur Birkenheide e.V. , GermanySun 13/08/2017https://www.akk-birkenheide.org/aktuelles/vereinstermine/
AquaLand Agde, Centre naturiste René Oltra, FranceSat 19/08/2017http://www.centrenaturiste-oltra.fr/en/evenements-2017.html
Naked Godess Swim, Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon City, USASat 19/08/2017http://www.thebigfloat.com
Naturist Foundation Swimming Gala, Orpington, Kent, UKSun 20/08/2017http://www.naturistfoundation.org/diary/
Swimming Youth Week, Allgemeine Körperkultur Birkenheide e.V. , GermanyMon 21/08/2017https://www.akk-birkenheide.org/aktuelles/vereinstermine/
Long Distance Swimming Open Water, Saunafreunde Berlin, GermanySun 10/09/2017http://www.saunafreunde-berlin.de/kalender/
Swimming International Chapionships, INF - Andalo, Italy 2017, GermanyFri 20/10/2017http://inf-fni.org/Home/Events/(day)/20/(month)/10/(year)/2017
INF - Annual Swimming Gala - FENAIT at Adler Hotel, Andalo, ItalyFri 20/10/2017http://www.inffni.org/Home/Events/(day)/20/(month)/10/(year)/2017
Swim Adventure Event (Sub Aqua, Diving, Swimming) , Vereinsregister Familien-Sport-Gemeinschaft Leverkusen e.V., GermanySun 05/11/2017http://www.fsg-lev.de/veranstaltungen.html
Cap D'Agde New Years Swim - Dernier Bain de l'AnneeSun 31/12/2017http://www.en.capdagde.com/schedule/noel-dernier-bain-de-lannee
Naked New Year Netherlands Sea SwimsMon 01/01/2018http://www.naaktstrandje.nl/Nieuwjaarsduik.html
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