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No shoes, no rope, no clothes – Climbing Free Featuring...

He didn't just go up alone, without shoes, but also without anything else at all. Naked on the rock, it rises back to its...

Salvatore Antonio’s ‘Sheets’ Sells Out To Naked Audience In Canada

Salvatore Antonio's 'Sheets' (in conjunction with Bare Oaks) was a sell out this weekend. #SeaOfHull? This full original article and video is available at: http://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/watching-a-play-performance-naked/ Photo Credit: Production Advertising Poster

It’s Time To End Our Society’s Hypocrisy Toward Nudity

Our Society Needs to Get Over Public Nudity This video was published by ATTN: https://www.facebook.com/attn/videos/1243458525689604/ Photo Credit: Originated at source

Kate Humble Talks About Naturism & British Attitudes

"There is something "joyous" about being naked" "The Springwatch presenter confessed she feels most at home when naked and "hardly ever" wear clothes when spending...