The Pros & Cons Of Growing Up In A Naked House

Naked Toddler at Tap

“Engaging in “naturalist activities” can make you happier, says science”

According to a study from Goldsmith’s University, people who engage in “naturalist” tendencies are far happier. This is the first study that examines whether taking off your clothes around non-intimate others actually makes you happier with your body. The study found that the longer and more frequently participants engaged in naturalism, the happier they were long-term. “It’s a pretty cheap way to be happy,” says Dr Keon West, senior lecturer in the psychology department. “In that, everyone can take their clothes off.” 

“If I’m in a bikini, or in a tiny dress, I feel self-conscious. If I’m nude, I’m delighted with life. Who cares if the people in the opposite apartment can see? I don’t know them! Sure, it’s only a nipple!”

“I run back out, take off all of my clothes, stash them behind a rock and race back into the sea – It’s my happiest moment of 2016”

“This early comfort with nudity has made me profoundly comfortable in my own skin throughout my life. I don’t worry about my body or what it’s doing half as much as other women my own age, and I’m enormously glad of that fact. When clothes look bad on me, I am far more likely to blame the clothes than myself”

“I want to state here I think there’s a big difference between being naked and being “almost naked”. It’s a funny paradox: if I’m in a bikini, or in a tiny dress, I feel self-conscious; if I’m nude, I’m delighted with life”

“My friend Jen, who has been to a fair few nudist beaches in her time, agrees with me. “When a woman is naked, she’s just a woman. When she puts on a bikini, she becomes a product.” She becomes someone who is wearing something correctly or incorrectly. Someone who has to worry about stray hairs and side boob and weird material suddenly becoming transparent. When you’re naked, the lack of window dressing is freeing”

These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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