When Will We Accept Nudity


“By the turn of the 20th century, there was a full-fledged nudist movement unfolding in Europe. This wasn’t the oil-soaked, full-penetration nudity of the Roman Empire, but a communal understanding among “nonsexual social nudists,” folks that felt the sting of the Industrial Revolution in their lungs and wanted to get back to nature. They were, predictably, mostly German and they let it all hang out in parks and naturist resorts. Though the trend made its way across the Atlantic, it morphed in America, becoming a beach thing – and, eventually, becoming a subcultural thing”

Let’s talk about social nudism in America. How has it changed from when it first became a thing here to today?

Would you say that nudism, as a recreational activity, is growing around the world?

What would you say is the future of the nudist movement?

Can you expand on conservatives closing beaches?!

These are all quotes about naturism from the full article:

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