Which companies are promoting Body Positive Nudity and involving Naturism?


Naturism, body positive nudity, clothing optional events sponsorship and advertising in a non-exhibitionist form has seen a boom recently with many national and international companies getting involved.

I’m looking for a relatively small amount of sponsorship help and would love to hear from people willing to be involved.

In 2015 Nestle aired an advert featuring Naked Body Painted Baristas in a coffee shop.

Google filmed their advert for the OnHub router at Cypress Cove Naturist Resort in 2016.

The AA
Car emergency breakdown provider the AA filmed their advert at a British Naturist resort in 2015.

SunLife Insurance
Two adverts recently, one is about Richard and the other is called ‘This Christmas let it all hang out’

The Environment Agency
Staff members from the EA made a visit to British Naturism NudeFest 2016 and gave talks on flood resilience (clothed!)

National Trust Studland Naturist Beach
The official naturist beach at Studland Bay is on the National Trust Website

Hostel World
The Lucky Generals design agency brought us Hostelworld ‘Meet the World’ advert in 2016

Elave Skin Care
Their advert is set in a laboratory with naked staff to promote their range (from Ireland)

France Government Tourism for Naturism
The French vision is to the centre of excellence for Naturism in the world, their website is informative and helps people choose a destination, almost all of the clubs and resorts on the holidays section apart from one feature in the France.fr websites.

The popular supermarket from Germany promoted World Naked Gardening Day in its advert.


Lush have been running ‘Naked campaigns’ linked to body positive nudity since 2007 in the UK. Australia and New Zealand marketing services launched their ‘real bodies campaign’ (photo below) Lush reported that:

“Some of our customers told us that after years of hating their own bodies, they were inspired to begin the healing process and challenge the negative self-talk they hear each time they see an image of a Photoshopped, idealised version of beauty they may not meet,” added Nanayakkara.”

There were some complaints about the ‘real bodies campaign’ but the ASB ruled that the images were not sexual in nature.

Every year ESPN run their ‘body issue’ positive nude campaign, they make some great statements about healthy bodies, they incorporate, gender politics and disabled people in the work too. The first photo is transgender pro triathlete Chris Mosier, the second is Vince Wilfork, American footballer and the third is Sarah Reinertsen, who completed in the Ironman race.


The French IKEA marketing team released an advert in 2015 where a group of friends were discussing what to do and decided on the naturist camp, a popular conversation with the federation for French naturism reporting that I guess with 4,000,000 visitors a year it’s probably a popular option amongst many.

Womens Health
The magazine has run a Body Confidence issue for a few years incorporating celebrities and international athletes.

Hull City Of Culture
The city hosted #SeaOfHull by the worlds best known mass naked art photographer – Spencer Tunick, the largest ever nude photographic exhibition, they are holding a special celebration at the Ferens Art Gallery ‘SKIN’ now to celebrate its success.

Visit Bristol
Some cities in years gone by haven’t given the World Naked Bike Ride a lot of positive press but Bristol home of the amazing street art festival ‘UpFest’ is advertising it on the local authority run city tourism page Visit Bristol.

ING Bank
Bay to Breakers
is a clothing optional half marathon on the San Francisco streets in May, hundreds of runners take part naked or part clothed. Many like the woman in this photo are really serious with some incredible times achieved.

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