Why I Moved To A Nudists’ Camp


“In the space of an hour the place has transformed from a creepy cult to a
bizarre spa — and we love it. The next day I have a shower and do not get
dressed afterwards. I walk around downstairs in front of a massive window
overlooking the resort, feeling quite proud of myself”

“When I told my parents I was becoming a naturist, their reaction was one of
amusement. After that, telling people became fun”

“Here you see women with one breast, or a scar all the way down their
stomachs, or people with no legs or one arm, or that are so overweight they
have to go sideways through doors because they don’t fit — and they are all
naked. They are not embarrassed by what they look like. It’s given me more
respect for humanity”

“I suspect I am a natural “textile” but I wonder whether I would have started
dieting at 11 if I had grown up in a society that was less obsessed with
physical “perfection”.

“Even after one month, being naked feels normal”

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