Why Its Good To Be Naked In Public – Sarah Kim Bonner – International Pro Triathlete


“I got a real naked education when I moved to Europe. I wouldn’t say Canadians are prudish but, in our unfailing commitment to be polite, being naked in change rooms, sporting events, the beach… it just isn’t…nice. In Europe, the social climate of nakedness is totally different and, I’ve realized, it’s good to be naked in public”

Well, let me tell you, I still look in the mirror at my stomach. It’s as flat as it ever has been but it looks exactly the same to me as it did when I was unfit and heavier, especially compared to my six-pack-clad competition

The crucial part, I realized, is that it’s a learned state of mind. I had the power the whole time. Apparently, I just had to get naked in public first.

“I also wasn’t batting an eyelash at the topless young woman playing volleyball with her guy friends on the beach. Just seeing people be naked (in appropriate places of course) and that being okay triggered a subtle perspective change”

“Seeing regular people being so comfortable with their bodies in a public space it was initially distressing to me. How could I feel so uncomfortable and self-conscious when everyone else–of all shapes, sizes and ages–seemed so much more happy and relaxed? The impact of seeing more body-confident people changed the attitude I had toward my own body. I wasn’t about to go prance around the women’s locker room starkers but I started to cultivate a new inner self-confidence”


These were all positive quotes about naturism from the full article:

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